There was a Sunday evening spring, early evening of early spring. Father Varnava, having extended feet and having arranged the impressive figure on a convenient bend of a bench, stayed on deserted about this time of the gloomy area with nice history. Its brilliant green eyes were poluprikryty, long strong fingers compressed cool to bank with a sweet-sparkling and slightly exciting drink. Generally, this pastime not so is necessary to the father, especially, a post. But there was a great holiday. And without a cassock it sat, - shabby jeans and a leather jacket, and hardly in such kind it would learn, having tempted, who from parishioners. And that precisely has not learnt, even an eye in eyes, always cautious father Varnava has done some manipulations with the person and a figure. It, as well as any Prolonged, gave not enough value to appearance, even less, than other members of the Award - for the monk the similar care would be dangerous vanity. To it set of times said that it is beautiful, but it often happened and is ugly, and even is at all ugly. However the shape received from a birth, is inviolable. Any Prolonged should live with it, all time to it to come back, despite all metamorphoses. Otherwise it is possible to get out of the shape not only bodies, but also souls, to fail in chaos of impetuous changes and to disappear in Darkness.
       So this Sunday evening on the area almost such father Varnava whom was also itself had a rest in loneliness felt - massive, but flexible, with the narrow person, an aquiline nose, a high forehead and dense eyebrows. Maskings for the sake of were changed only by a cut of eyes, yes the beard was transformed from broad fair-haired in accurately cut black with streaks of grey. It was enough.